Long ago, I dreamed a dream
And now I stand on its edge
But soon it will recede further than before
And I am left with sinking heart

For two years I have lived in its shadow
And felt its power in days gone past
Known the peace that lies deep in this land
For these summer days hold me in their strong grasp

Oh dream do not die!
Live beyond myself unto yourself
Plant roots deep within
And hold fast where all others perish

Keep tight and give me power
That others do not have
Raise me up when I falter
And sustain this burning mind

Without you I falter
Shuddering in grey night alone
Wings of demons surround me
Upon me they cast their stones

Let me begin again
Like I have in this valley
Into a future I see so clear
That is only real as a dream

Rise, with strength of heart and clarity of mind, rise


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