The Rape of Talia

“Please don’t rape me” she cried
As tears filled her pretty brown eyes
Or that was what I imagined she would say
But it turns out she didn’t act that way

Horror and shock were her gaze
And mute was her tongue
Just a violent physical struggle
Showing the emotions within

I wanted her to ask ‘why would I do this?’
So I could justify and explain
Show how she had filled me with unbearable pain
Give reasons that would quiet the voice in my head

I soon had her subdued
Tied down like a dog in a marsh
The things I said to her were rough and crude
The way I spat and slapped her face was violent and harsh

Then the words would not stop coming
And mean and bitter were they
I told her she was a bitch, scared and running
I told her she was a hypocrite and her life was headed the wrong way

I told her that she was fat and ugly
That her umpa-lumpa body was only useful for porn
That she should have been successful at her attempted suicides
That it would have been better if she had never been born

When I ran out of breath, her eyes were filled with pain
And tears threatened to spill down her chubby cheeks
I paused momentarily, feeling slight guilt
But it was too late, her blood I had already spilt

The memories of what she did filled me with rage
And I became strong with hate and locked her in a cage
Beat her with punches, hits, kicks and slaps
I shook her until her neck threatened to snap

Then came the moment she dreaded
For I tied her wrists with strong cord
And the only sound was the tearing of cloth
And the only crime was murder with sharp sword

I took her virginity, untouched till now
I took her purity and crushed it underfoot
I took her innocence, now irredeemably destroyed
I took her body and treated it like a worthless toy

Quiet were her whimpers, soft was her pain
For she is a gentle and happy girl at heart
But I broke that happy heart into million pieces
Never to be fully restored again

When I finished, I cruelly cut into her hand another star
To match the first, cut years ago
One caused by her, the other by me
Now she cannot hide her pain wherever she goes


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