Not Her, But You

I move forward through tall pines

Going somewhere, and that somewhere is here

Here and now is the moment

Of that place I am travelling toward

Strangely, my thoughts shift back to you

Not of her, but you

Why? Ask I to myself

Then confess I do not have an answer

But sweet would it be to have you with me

“For happiness is only real when shared”

Feel your warmth by side

Listen to your gentle, sleepy breathing

Watch your breast fall and rise

There are few things sweeter than a girl in my arms

Listening to my heartbeat with tender trust

A transitory moment of intimacy lasting forever

So I move forward alone again in God’s country

Pines and peaks towering above me

But you are in my mind and heart

Though I cannot see you, the thought is enough

Sustaining me, moving me, driving me

Ever onward, ever with you, until we rest together at last


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