The Little Yoda

Red is her hair, freckled is her face, fiery is her heart

And deep pain she conceals underneath

The heart of a queen and the mind of a professor

Are wrapped in her petite frame

Quick, sharp, bruised, scarred

Who dared cut such gentle heart? Such innocence and joy?

I regret those moments lost when I could have come to know you

Gain your trust and win your heart

Laughter and loss mingled closely

For you understand it

Have it

But only through pain, only through sorrow did you understand

(Didn’t we all)

Your mind intrigues me

But now is too late, and for that I weep

I will not stoop, however, to the level of Vonnegut and the little South African

I will not shrug my shoulders in apathy and say “so it goes”

NO! That will not be the way it goes! I will fight! I will rage against these circumstances!

I will not give in. I will not fade gentle into the night. I will not accept my fate.

Never. Ever

I will see you again, you little red-headed woman of beauty, pain and grace

I will come know you, as deep as Adam knew Eve

Share life with you in all its joy and pain

There are some things we both understand, neither needs to explain






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