What They Think of Me

I know you think of me as a cold man, as a man devoid of emotions, as a negative depressant, like an Eyore amongst society.

But inside me lies a world you could not even begin to imagine.

It is a world of lush meadows, shimmering waterfalls, teeming with life and hum and noise.

It is a world of colour and dance and song, ever restless, ever moving, ever changing.

It is a world that is growing as it is sung into existence, like Aslan did at Lantern’s Waste so long ago.

It is a funny world, marked by humour, laughter and keen wit that is drier than old driftwood left high on the beach after a storm.

Oh, this world inside is a beautiful world, united through language and thought and curiosity, full of joy and tenderness and love.

This world within is a deep one, fathoms beyond your comprehension and heights above which you could not even crane your head far back enough to see.


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