The Little Sparrow

The little sparrow flits lightly

From branch to branch

Fragile in its strength

Barely seen at first glance


Quickly it dances

Lightly it treads

Perches with ease

Turns no heads


Easily harmed by the strong and loud

Quickly bruised by the careless and proud

So hides in undergrowth quiet and still

Until the raucous crowd has had its fill


They mock its sensitivity

And give it no privacy

Easily broken, easily scarred

How this little bird feels caged and barred!


Head darts left

Head darts right

Eyes alert

Eyes bright


Get me out of here!

No wait its not safe yet

Ok keep calm and hide emotions


So the little sparrow flutters from hedge to tree

Longing, waiting, yearning, dreaming

Of the day it will be free

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