To the Little South African

I love you

Despite what you have done to me

Despite what you sometimes are

I love you

They say you only know you love her when you let her go

Well, it’s true

I’ve let you go

And now I know that I love you

I miss you so much

And want to hold your hand and every part of you

Close to me never to let go

To know that you love me as much as I love you

And that as long as you live, you will never forget me

I love you

I wish you loved me

But you said goodbye and meant it

You never want to see me again

And you ended what little friendship we had


I still don’t get it

Or understand

But that’s okay

Because I still have hope

For some reason, it can’t quite die

No matter how nihilistic I get

No matter how dark it seems

Hope refuses to die in me

And I still dream of you

And the life we could share one day

One day



Not now

But maybe one day


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