On Being Alive

I used to think that Hate was the most terrible and evil of all things

But that was before I met Apathy

She was lifeless, that bitch, cold dead snow in her heart

And pools where her eyes should have been


It was then that I realised that Chill was a mask of Death

And those pretending not to worry simply didn’t care

Whilst the world burned around them

They polished their nails and played with their hair


They say I’m too opinionated

That I need to chill

That I’m too angry

Too much of this, too much of that

Always critiquing, always nagging

Never praising, Never kind


But I know who I am

Regardless of who else does or who else does not

And I am alive, bleeding emotion and opinions

(but only on the things that matter)

For I burn with raging passion

And I’d rather blaze than die a cold spark


You see, to care about something is what makes you human


And she didn’t

At all


Love and hate are never far away

But apathy is miles away, if there at all


She’s a laughing sort of bitch

And everyone calls her fun

But deep down she doesn’t give a damn

And walks away with a shrug when her job is done






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