The further I dig, my cuts increase
The harder I search, my disappointment grows
I thought you would bring me some measure of peace
But you have shaken my emotions harder than wind blows

Why so thoughtless with words you speak?
Why humour so cruel and sharp?
Why immature obsession with fun?
Why such cold, hard heart?

Should not those who love their Saviour
Act with different behaviour?
Should not those with love in their heart
Speak with kindness flowing from their every part?

Thought you different from all others did I
Now I see I was clearly a fool
When you show your humanity in vacant eyes
When ‘fun’ is your only rule

Chasing souls is a tiring business indeed
Most future leads end in broken dreams
And high promises shatter, burn, and bleed

Love and loathe you in equal measure
Kiss and curse you in my dreams
I once thought you kind and wise
But things are clearly not what they seem


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