The Bro

They think of you as a bro

Barely acknowledging your womanhood

Treat you as if you were their brother

With harshness, banter and bro jokes

It disgusts me

Enrages me

Sickens me

Angers me

But you hardly help yourself

You act along with them

You do not stop their banter

But join in with it

You do not think of yourself as a lady

And do not treat yourself with dignity

Graceless and clumsy you believe yourself to be

Your jokes are classless and vulgar, as is your mind

This is all your fault, as you have created yourself

You let them define you, or you are too weak to change


But different do I think of you

And given the chance

Would treat you like a lady, fair and beautiful

For lovely do I think you are

And flashes of gracefulness have I occasionally seen

Oh that you would let me in!

And through my conduct raise you to heights unseen

Let your inner princess shine through

Though others (and yourself) may laugh out loud

I will not lower my standards


I will be the gentleman

Will you be the lady?

My lady?






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